Hypertime Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access to Hypertime?

To access Hypertime, you need to send a request to your department or company leader. An invitation containing your username and password will be sent to your email. Make sure to change your password after your first login.

I cannot find the name of my client in Hypertime

In order to maintain strict naming conventions, only heads of companies can add new clients, projects, and activities in Hypertime. If a client you work for is missing, simply contact your immediate supervisor.

What is the difference between Timesheet and Daily Tracker?

The Daily Tracker gives you an easy way to input hours for a specific day. The monthly Timesheet gives you the opportunity to add hours across the entire month.

What should I input on days when I am on holiday, sick leave, or absent?

Skip and leave blank the days in the timesheet when you were absent.


Hypertime is a no-frills, simple, and affordable timesheet app.

We didn’t reinvent timesheets, but we made them feel like a breeze.

Easily track client and project profitability across teams and departments.