We promise you will love our timesheets. Yes, really!

Hypertime is a no-frills, simple, and affordable timesheet app. Easily track client and project profitability with Hypertime.

Hypertime dashboard

No-frills, simple, and easy to use timesheets

Easily add clients, projects, and activities to your timesheet. Create a custom template to make it even easier to fill out your monthly timesheet.

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Managing your organization has never been this easy

Hypertime empowers managers and employees alike.


Onboarding and satisfaction


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Attendance and time tracking

Salary flights improve the accuracy of your profitability analysis

The salary flights feature is a great way for managers to accurately calculate the labor costs across their organization. Simply, input the hourly rate for an employee for a specific time frame. You can always edit or update them.

Hypertime dashboard for salary flights

Conference room management

Easily create and manage conference rooms. Book meetings in any location in your organization.

Hypertime conference room interface

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